Metal Panels

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26ga Steel  •   Painted  •  Galvalume (also available in 24ga)

SPIRCO manufactures the industry standard "PBR" steel panel for covering roofs and walls.  The "PBR" panel has 1 1/4" deep major ribs spaced on 12" centers with two (2) minor ribs between each major rib.  Each panel provides 36" (3'-0") of coverage. Spirco offers a wide selection of colors with a 40 year limited warranty on PBR roof and wall panels and a 20 year limited warrenty on Galvalume.

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PBR stands for "Purlin Bearing Rib".  It gives the panel added strength where it rests on the purlins.

The roof panels are roll formed from minimum A792 26 gage steel with a minimum of 80 KSI yield strength.  Wall panels are also minimum of 80 KSI.

Unpainted panels are AZ55 or AZ50 Galvalume conforming to ASTM A792.  Painted panels are AZ50 Galvalume with a 1.0 mil baked on enamel finish with the back of the panel having half (0.5) mil wash coat.



29ga & 26ga Steel  •   Painted  •  Galvanized  •  Galvalume

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Low Rib Profile is available in 29ga and 26ga painted Galvalume, bare Galvanized, and bare Galvalume. This panel uses a siliconized polyester paint system on all painted metals. Bare (non-painted) metals have an acrylic coating. This acrylic coating helps protect the metal during manufacturing and installation. When this clear organic treatment is applied over the Galvalume and galvanized coating it is invisible, but provides enhanced performance applicability. There is no need for oils to be applied during the forming. This organic treatment eliminates fingerprinting and foot marking during installation, and retains heat reflectivity.

These 29ga and 26ga steel panels are manufactured to meet ASTM A792 specifications for Galvalume and ASTM A653 for Galvanized with minimum yields of 80,000 PSI. Low Rib Panels have a UL2218 / Class 4 impact resistance rating and UL790 for fire resistance.

The minimum roof slope for the ¾” tall Low Rib Profile panel is 3:12. This minimum pitch, along with the Low Rib Profile siphon groove, will allow for sufficient drainage of water. For added protection, a sealant tape can be used on the laps of each panel.

The Low Rib Profile panel has 3/4" deep major ribs spaced on 9" centers with two (2) minor ribs in between each major rib.  Each panel provides 36" (3'-0") of coverage.

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